We're implementing a committee system to make our ESNers more actively involved with our section and to

help out our board members with their duties. We expect all of our members to take part in a committee.

Many hands make light work, after all. 



Event Committee:

Do you love being the OC? Do you have brilliant event ideas? If

you want to help out our Event Coordinator Mahsun with her duties

and create many wonderful events for us then this committee is for you!





Public Relations Committee:

Are you interested in photography, design, videos? Is social media

what you live for? Look no further, this is your committee. Lend a

hand to our Communications Manager Gökhan! 






Network Committee:

ESN, ESN, ESN! Are you interested in current issues of the network? Do you want

to enrich your knowledge about the national and international levels of ESN? Well,

get in contact with the biggest ESN geek we know, our Local Representative Ecem! 





Buddy Project Committee:

Are you naturally friendly? Is 'students helping students' the motto you follow wholeheartedly?

If being a buddy to our Erasmus students is what you care for the most, this is your committee.

Contact our Vice President Yiğit & go rock those welcomes and airport pick-ups!