Ecem Nas ÖZER

I'm Ecem Nas. My ESN adventure has started with ESN Dokuz Eylül University. I was the Communication Manager of my section. After a couple of ESN101 events and national platforms, I decided to join the national PR Committee. I developed my hard and soft skills throughout my committee experience. After that, I have got the position of Visual Team Coordinator. We created visuals for ESN Turkey's social media presence. Also, I have never missed the opportunities of being a PR team member of ESN Turkey's national events such as Med'ness and Chill'ness. These experiences taught and led me a lot about my future career. After all, I was wondering about international committees. So, I applied to ComCom and now  I am a full member of the International Communication Committee. Working and creating with a new whole team that is full of talented people inspired me a lot. Lately, I have designed the ESN Video Guide booklet with the Video Team of Comcom. After all these experiences, I wanted to take a further step and applied to Communications positions of the European Solidarity Corps and I've got selected.  Now, I am a communication and project assistant of the European Solidarity Corps in Brussels, Belgium.




Hey! I'm Emre. I study Computer Engineering at Dokuz Eylul University. I was the financial coordinator of ESN Dokuz Eylül between January 2018-September 2019 and the vice president between 2019 January-September 2019. I'm a member of ESN Dokuz Eylul since 2018. After completing my goals with my local section, I decided to become an Alumni Member. In my first months in university, I was searching for some international student community in my university because I was always interested in other cultures and languages. After I've met with ESN, it became much more than that. I had amazing times with my friends from different countries and other Turkish ESN'ers. We had many trips and events with my local section and with other sections from all over the country. It was not only entertaining but also informative. I had a chance to go to SEEP in Baku, Azerbaijan. That was the first time I was going abroad for ESN and it was one of the best trips in my life. There were many workshops, conferences, and crazy fun.







Öyküm Zişan URAL

Hi, it is me! Here we go again!
ESN gave me the opportunity to meet many people from all around the world. Helping them and having fun together as a team is amazing and I can say that ESN gained me a huge network than I have before. Looking forward to meeting you, welcome to our family rabbits!cheeky











Ecem Çağıl MEMİŞ

Hi there! I spent one joyful year with ESN and I love it. From one event to another gathering it was nearly the most fun memories of mine for real. I am here because this is the most sincere place I have ever been, or at least for now Smile I love to create things in my own shiny way, let's see together...smiley